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An Awesome Summer Weekend

It's good to finally be at the beach for a weekend (you know, since I live here.)

Sam (Jenn's daughter) and Peder came down to Rehoboth late Thurs night and our dear friend Christine joined us on Friday.

The precursor to dinner consisted of margaritas and a charcuterie board (sans board) courtesy of Sam. And I have to admit that it was my best drink of the evening.

Dinner was a late reservation at the Cultured Pearl, a favorite of my sushi eating companions. Not so much mine. I didn't realize you shouldn't order drinks that aren't explicitly on the menu. Lesson learned. Everyone else loved what they ordered.

After dinner (at like 10:30ish,) we took a walk (well, more like stumble) to the boardwalk and dipped our toes in the ocean. A Lyft drive later, we left Sam and Peder at Jenn's and went to have a PJ party at my house. We started to watch Princess Bride (because everyone was horrified that I have never seen it.) In what seemed like a few minutes, I glanced left to see Jenn passed out and then looked right where Christine was sound asleep. We are just the happening party people.

Saturday dawned bright and way too early. Originally we were going to go see sunrise (hahaha) but then decided to sleep in a bit and just go to breakfast at Somewhere. The iced lattes were somewhat disappointing and I have now been designated as a the bad juju orderer (courtesy of Christine.) I have relinquished ordering rights for the remainder of the weekend. Next order of business was driving on the beach. Jenn's lesson of the day: don't dive under a wave with your sunglasses on your head. That aside, we experienced the sheer bliss of perfect skies and beautiful water followed by a quiet dinner of steaks on the grill and Quirkle.

Sunday was an early day - Christine and I love sunrises and this one didn't disappoint. There's nothing better that feeling the renewal of a new day.

After a new breakfast place in Fenwick, Jenn losing and retrieving her sunglasses (this may be a recurring theme with us,) picking up popcorn and fudge, we headed home to get ready for a matinee show of Rent at the Milton Theatre. It was a great performance and now the music is on loop in my head.

We ran into a bunch of friends at the theater, so we all headed over to Tequila Real for dinner. A good time was had by all and it was great to catch up with friends we hadn't seen in a while. Our good friends Deb & Di were at the other end of the long table, so we weren't able to easily chat with them. They invited us to stop over and see the completed renovations. So we stopped at my house and decided to take our new scooters over to Cottontail Villa. Jenn went zooming away and I putt putted along. (Had to stop on the side of the road and watch a quick video to learn how to get it from ECO to Speed mode.) BIG difference!

We got the grand tour (of the all the amazing updates) and spent some quality time catching up in the hot tub. We knew the weekend had to end at some point and reluctantly made our way to our respective homes having milked every moment out of this fantastic weekend.


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