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Day 10 - Headed Home

The last day of the trip dawned in Cleveland, when we woke up, looked at one another, and asked the worrisome question “do you remember how we got back to the hotel?”  After confirming that we were both in one piece and that we still had our various possessions (purse, cell phones, wallet, etc.), we took a breath and decided to take our time getting back on the road.

We had initially planned to stay in Pittsburgh with friends overnight, but Terry’s dog Brody had developed a cough, so she wanted to get back to make sure everything was ok.  Once we packed up and reloaded the fish in the car, we headed for Pittsburgh and lunch with Jen and Sherry.  This was an easy trip – although we were later than we had planned to be – but we managed to make it to Pittsburgh, visit with Jen and Sherry, and get lunch at Primanti Bros., a Pittsburgh institution, which served duck drinks!

On the way back to the car, we found a quarter on the ground & it turned out to be a bicentennial quarter (anyone remember those from 1976?). Terry was super excited because apparently she's collected bicentennial quarters since, well, the bicentennial!

We estimated that it would take between 5 and 6 hours to get back to Rehoboth.  Looking at the map, it looked like we were going to cross the PA/MD border close to WV – and after 16 states, we figured, why not add a 17th!  We set out for the “Welcome to West Virginia” sign (that was actually noted on Google maps) and off we went, assuming that there would be a town nearby where we could grab a bite to eat, fuel up, etc.  Alas, we drove into West Virginia but were unable to find anywhere to stop … so back we went to Maryland to resume the trip home and locate somewhere for a quick pit stop.  

Along the way, Terry pointed out to me that the fish had made the trip with both of us, so they should end the trip in Rehoboth, at her house.  She made a compelling argument, so when we finally got back to Rehoboth, I dropped Terry off with all her stuff (and there was a bunch) and the fish.  We got the fish settled on the edge of her kitchen island & I headed for my place in Rehoboth to unpack, unwind, and get ready to return to real life.  



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