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Day 2 - SC to GA

Waking up at Amanda's house, we were treated to a delivery of coffee and bagels, thanks to Amanda & Josh (who also needed to take their dogs to their trainer.)

Amanda's fish had lots of offspring, so we were going to add to the challenge of the trip by taking a 6pk of mini mollies home. Before starting the drive, Josh lent his power inverter to us - so I was happily able to work on my laptop the entire drive to Atlanta. Jenn was stuck with the radio and the soundtrack of Rent for the trip. (I may get a bit overly focused when I'm building sites.)

We found the AirB&B and were at first stymied by the coded entry gate. Brains of an engineer, lawyer and technologist were challenged but we were up to the challenge and got through. Basking in our success, we turned around to watch other cars just loop through the open exit gate. Yep.

Truist Park, home of the Atlanta Braves was a short walk (in the blazing heat.) Did I mention it was hot around here? The area around the park, known as the Battery, has restaurants, bars and was crowded with people getting ready for baseball. Five host stands later, we finally got a reservation that was within an hour. Nothing to do but get some beverages while we waited. Lunch at a steakhouse meant some good wine and then we were ready for the game.

We had tickets in the Coca cola section - which included free coke products. Good thing they have water too - because, damn, it's hot here. Um, they were at the top of the stadium. "Sure, we can take the stairs." What were we thinking! Two landing stops later, we finally emerged into our section. Braves dominated to the delight of the crowd. People in front of us were travelling from Memphis and we traded road trip plans. In the 8th, a miracle happened. The sky turned dark, a raging wind kicked up and cooling drops of heaven dissipated some of the heat.

Braves won 7-0 and we followed the happy crowd outside. Dinner was at a Mexican resgaurant nearby. Walking back, Jenn skipped ahead to stop at PetSmart for a filter for the fish. Amanda and Josh stopped at a soccer store. That's when I realized that I had lost my sunglasses (because they are bifocal readers and I couldn't use my phone without them.) We had also ordered snacks and beverages from Instacart, so it was a race against time to find my Oakley shades and get back to the AB&B. We decided to divide and conquer. Jenn and I walked our path all the way back to the restaurant and lo and behold - there were my shades on the ground in front of the place. Right where I took off my hat. You know, the hat they were sitting on.

Luckily, we now knew the secret and directed the Instacart driver to come through the exit. Amanda mastered the challenge of opening a wine bottle with a screw and pliers since we didn't have a corkscrew. The rest of the evening was spent playing. We tried to figure out Unstable Unicorns and Amanda did her best to read the encyclopedia of instructions, but my tired brain only heard blah, blah, blah unicorns. So we decided to play Mario Cart instead before tumbling into bed exhausted.


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