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Day 3 - Exploring Atlanta

Sleeping was really comfortable. (Um, I may have got up and set the thermostat to a comfy 65.) We woke up to find Amanda and Josh out on the balcony trying to warm up.

Packing up was uneventful and Amanda had a system planned out to keep the fish happy (and not cooked) while we were exploring Atlanta. She considered everything except a crazy driver who kept making the water slosh around (and probably dodging debris from the overdecorated travel tank. A quick trip to PetSmart also got us a filter. Combined with the power inverter, those little guys were living the good life in the back seat.

First stop of the day was an overpriced, mediocre diner followed by a quick trip to Hard Rock because I do like the pins.

We had on our agenda going to Coca Cola World and the Georgia Aquarium. Thanks to the horrendous traffic, we had to make a decision and it was pretty easy.

The Georgia Aquarium has the 4th largest tank on the planet and despite the crazy crowd, we had a great time. The whale sharks and giant manta were worth the admission alone. And then there were the jellies, beluga, seahorses......

Exiting the nice cool aquarium was not pleasant as we entered the blast furnance that is Atlanta.

Next up, the Atlanta United game against the Philadelphia Union. The Mercedes Benz Stadium (also the home of the Atlanta Falcons,) is an amazing, air conditioned venue. We had awesome club seats (thanks Amanda!) The home team was victorious which made for a much happier crowd.

Bidding farewell to Amanda and Josh, we're all set to begin the long (750 mile) drive to Texas. Going to be a fun night.


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