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Day 4 (Part 1) - Surviving The Drive

You get a little bonus coverage today, given that our trip to Texas started immediately upon leaving the Atlanta Union game. We had decided to listen to a audiobook for the drive - Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. The drive however, was much less magical than the book but in some scenes (cue the rumble strips) just as dangerous. Saying the drive went quickly would be an outright lie. We did make a pit stop in every state. (And we never knew how far until the next one - so we were proactive.) We saw a steamboat when we crossed the Mississippi River and sort of missed when we hit Texas - but it was getting into the 4:00am hour, so just lucky we were still keeping to the road.

We finally made it to the hotel close to 6am and immediately crashed into bed. Jenn was first to awake (you know, free breakfast and all.) She was definitely excited about the Texas waffle.

We checked the fish, who were still (thankfully) alive, packed up quickly and reloaded the Jeep. We put containers of ice under the fish tank to try to keep the water cool. Then it was off to the Texas Rangers game. Globe Life field was indoors and air conditioned. One of us was thrilled, the other bought a long sleeve shirt. While we were in the team store, I tried to get a pride hat. The clerk told me they only had "colorful" hats - so I got one, probably the most subtle pride hat I own. All in all, It was a very impressive baseball stadium. We had seats down the third base side with an excellent view. It was Monday Mariachi day, so we also got souvenir baseball bat cups filled with margaritas (you know, had to fit the theme.) Everyone we met was super nice and very talkative.

As soon as we exited the stadium, the furnace blast of heat smacked us with the reality of the southland in summer. It was so hot that there now is a form fit duck holder, since it was obviously not designed to be Texas in July proof. We were hoping we wouldn't find fish soup when we got back in the jeep - but whew, the fish were sitting on top of ice (now water) and the tank temperature was good. Next Stop - Oklahoma!


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