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Day 4, Part 2 - Oklahoma

The drive to Oklahoma started off smoothly enough. We managed to get out of Arlington without hitting much traffic (very exciting) and we were looking forward to a trip that was less than a third as long as the one the night before! Plus, Terry was very much looking forward to spending time with her daughter Katie and we'd have three nights in one place, which made even the fish happy to be in the car and on the move again!

However, the weather gods of Oklahoma were not necessarily on the same page, so a few miles over the Oklahoma border, we looked left and saw a line of clouds that to our east-coast eyes could have been funnel clouds!

While the original set of clouds looked imposing, they had nothing on the thunderstorm that actually hit while we were driving north on Route 35. We may have driven past an ark under construction along the way, based on the amount of water! Fortunately, the Jeep made it through (I had white knuckles from clutching the steering wheel so tightly).

The closer we got, the more excited Terry got at the prospect of spending a few days with Katie. It was almost a relief to finally get there and it was heartwarming to watch Terry greet both Katie and her boyfriend Marcus with a hug and "a wiggle". It was also the first time Terry got to see their new house, which they've done a ton of work on (and it looks great!).

Finding dinner was a minor challenge - we actually put three separate orders together before we identified a place that was actually open! Ultimately, we chose one of their favorite places, Flower Child, and stopped at the liquor store along the way. After dinner, we played a rousing game of Quirkle and then Terry and I were ready to crash. In our defense, though, it was already after midnight by then (and there was the time zone change in the middle of the overnight drive that we were still recovering from).

I'm going to sign off now - but there's more to come so stay tuned!!


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