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Day 5 (Part 2) - Gaming & Champagne in OKC

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Hanging out with Katie & Marcus just got better and better. During the Sam's Club visit, Marcus mentioned that he really hadn't had many champagnes/sparkling wines - well, we decided on the spot that education was needed. Before leaving the store, we had 6 different bottles, ranging from dry to sweet. The challenge was on - more on that in a bit.

Summr08 was born. (For those that may have not yet played with me - my gamertag (Xbox name) is Wintr17. While Katie & Marcus had their gaming setup optimized, we were sorely lacking. So Marcus set up a Xbox for us (as seen in action in the photo,) with the spare TV (left over from the last time I was in OK and gaming,) and we were ready to go. Overcooked 2 was the game of choice and we had a blast until we decided to order dinner. Apparently, July 4th closes down the state of OK and we resorted to ordering from a sushi place, because it was open. While the others enjoyed their raw fare, I did not and was reminded that I shouldn't have ordered cooked food from a sushi place. Silly me. But it gave me more time to focus on the champagne testing underway. To say we had an awesome time would be a gross understatement. Between the hectic gaming and the sparkling wine, we were actually ROFL. Video that I hope will never get released. We finally called it a night and decided to save the Moet for the next day. 5 bottles for the 4 of us was more than we should have had. We crashed into bed happy to have inducted another to our world of frenzied Xbox gaming.


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