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Day 6 - The Baseball Tour (and gaming) Continues

The weather interrupted our plans to join Katie at the zoo as I was a bit hesitant to be walking around in the oven that was Oklahoma. So Katie worked her 1/2 day in peace and we discovered the Joe app. Joe finds local coffee shops and we went out to explore. Our destination: Zero Tolerance (with a name like that, how could we pass it by?) The coffee was awesome and we each got a Zero Tolerance mug - because, yep.

While Katie took her nap (yes, it is genetic,) we spent some more time gaming. Not getting as far in Overcooked without our fellow chefs, we were happy when Katie and Marcus joined

us and at some point had to make the difficult choice of leaving our consoles for dinner and baseball. Dinner was one of the best BBQ places ever and even with the leftovers in takeout (sorry, takeaway in OKC) containers, we probably still ate too much and were quickly on our way to our next baseball venue.

Much to my surprise, the OKC Dodgers sported a Mickey Mantle statue in front and was across from a Mantle restaurant. Did my Yankee heart some good to see the pinstripes. The stadium was beautiful, but really empty. The great thing about that - no lines and Marcus was able to retrieve a foul ball that landed in the section next to us. And we made another discovery: alcoholic ice cream. Yep - only in OKC. It sounded much better than it tasted.

Overheard while Jenn and Katie were talking about home renovations: Katie: "Yeah, I got the sports lesbian, not the Home Depot lesbian." Thought I'd share that little tidbit. Then it was time to head home and get back to Overcooked. OK, we left the game early, because, minor leagues and the chefs were raring to get back to our kitchen!


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