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Day 8 - Yes, Indianopolis

The day dawned clear and sunny. Not that we saw anytime near daybreak. We really needed a sleep-in kind of day. Well, that is until free breakfast called. You know Jenn couldn't pass that up.

First stop of the day was the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Neither of us are big racing fans, but we had to see the iconic Indy 500 venue. Seeing the evolution of cars through the years was interesting and the tour took us to all the famous places (well, I guess they were famous, the other people in our group seemed excited.)

By the time the tour was over, we were hot and ready to go, looking forward to the AC in the Jeep!

Next up was the real reason that we were in Indianapolis - to see where the HGTV show Good Bones takes place. Jenn was excited to go through the neighborhoods and we stopped at their store: District Co. The store was an eclectic collection of things and we spent way too much money on art, candles and other stuff. Good thing our trip was winding down or we wouldn't be able to fit anything else. Poor stuffed Buttercup!

We decided to get a late lunch/early dinner at one of the District Co's recommended restaurants: La Margarita.

With a name like that, you can guess what we ordered with our meals. While Jenn's was OK, mine was so salty I couldn't drink it. Yes, you read that correctly. Sadly, that was not my only experience with sub-par beverages in Indy.

Next on our whirlwind agenda for the day was the Indianapolis Indians game and it was a world of difference from the OKC game. The stands were packed. There were carnival games outside and this feisty little blonde challenged me to the water gun race. Twice. Well Grape Ape became part of our adventure and I'll never tell who actually won those games.

The baseball game was lots of fun and afterward we weren't ready to head back to the hotel just yet. So, we tried another District Co recommendation - Hotel Tango (a distillery), where their pride flag made us feel welcome.

Jenn went alcohol free and really enjoyed her beverage concoction. Mine looked really good, taste, not so much. We even tried tasters of their lemoncello and orangecello - and I wasn't a fan - but we bought a Pride Vodka (because Pride!) and a rye for Jenn's son, Alex. That was enough adventure for one day, so we headed back to the hotel with another day full of memories.


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