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RoadTrip - Day 1

The day dawned with a haze hanging over Delaware as the remnants of the Canadian wildfires continue to dim the sky. After a whirlwind of activity, it was finally time to hit the road. It was a tired early morning as we were still getting ready late/early and hardly sleeping in anticipation of the adventure ahead.

For this trip, we took Buttercup, since last week it was Raven's turn (yes, our Jeeps have names!)

Driving SW through Delaware involved many curvey roads and an overagressive driver. Seatbelts are your friend.

The drive across the Chesapeake Bay is beautiful - bridge, tunnel, bridge, tunnel, repeat.

We did do a pit stop in VA - it was a scene out of an alien abduction movie. They were getting a delivery and threw us out of the store. We only needed a restroom. Sheesh - Virginia is obviously not for lovers.

Well, good thing we packed lots of snacks. They may even last until day 2. Our second Starbucks stop of the day was really welcoming - especially given the lack of relief in VA. We channeled our inner 12 year olds and enjoyed our PBJs for lunch. Broadway showtunes backed our next few hours, only ending when we hit South of the Border (mostly because the billboards for miles said we had to.)

We opened the Jeep door to the blast furnance that is South Carolina. It is damn hot here. Who's idea was it to come south in the summer anyway??!!

Finally, we made it to Segra Park in Columbia, SC for the Columbia Fireflies game, meeting Jenn's daughter Amanda and her boyfriend Josh. It is really hot in Columbia. Visits to the team store were more for the AC. With the home team losing big, we decided to bail and go to an arcade bar. Hours and beverages later, (and some intense games of Killer Queen,) we left the oven of a bar and made it back to Amanda's house. She cranked the AC for us, bless her heart. Amanda also rescued us from Ladybird, who was treating me like a salt lick. Bidding good night to all, we crashed into bed. What an awesome day.


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Have a great road-trip! Enjoyed reading about day 1.


Barbara Ernst
Barbara Ernst
Jul 01, 2023

Where are you headed my friend??


Excited for you! Love your writing! Louise albarella

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