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About Us

We are baseball fans, but alas with differing loyalties.  Jenn is a Boston Red Sox fan and Terry is a New York Yankees diehard.  And yet, we can still get along.  Amazing.  We've agreed on the Phillies - so, sometimes we're rooting for the same team.

With a shared love of baseball and sports in general, going to games is always a fun outing - regardless of the outcome.

Live music is also something we both enjoy - so you can frequently find us in a local restaurant, sipping on a beverage and enjoying the local bands, many of whom are lucky to also count as friends.

Since we both like to travel  and have lots of checklists of places and venues we want to visit, we  tend to get tickets to shows and games that require us to hit the road.

If you're interested in our crazy adventures, we invite you to follow along.


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